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Construction Foam
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EPS Foam
EPS Foam
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FPM has been producing the highest quality ’EPS Foam’ components since 1989.

Since FPM entered the market specializing in packaging, tight tolerances and the most stringent quality requirements have been at the core of the company philosophy from the beginning. Unlike other EPS block molders, FPM does not add regrind, or scrap material, to any of our ‘EPS Foam” blocks regardless of the application. All of our material is 100% Virgin Expanded Polystyrene. This assures that the surface quality, as well as dimensional consistency, are among the highest in the industry. FPM also maintains a drying room where our ‘EPS Foam’ blocks are stored for several days at a temperature of 140 degrees F. This not only keeps the moisture content of our blocks to a minimum, it also greatly reduces the internal stresses within the molded block and results in cut parts that have a minimum of bowing or bending due to stresses within the block resulting from the production process.
Thermal Box liners icon
Thermal Box liners
Protect and Insulate
Foam cradles for cylindrical shapes icon
Foam cradles for cylindrical shapes
Rigid Pipe insulation icon
Rigid Pipe insulation for temperatures ranges
block modling facilities
factory facility
State of the art block molding and cutting facilities are ready to meet any Expanded Polystyrene needs you have.
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packaging box
From the largest highway project to the smallest and most critical packaging part, FPM is ready to meet the challenge.