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Fabricated Packaging Materials - Foam Packaging

Packaging is the product area where FPM began. After years of designing packaging, and working with a wide variety of packaging materials, the designers at FPM realized that EPS foam had become the core product around which most of their packaging designs revolved. The decision was made to establish a production facility to manufacture EPS foam at FPM. The main reason FPM began producing foam was a need to maintain the very strict quality standards that are necessary to satisfy the needs of todays packaging requirements.
EPS box liners
EPS box liners or cooler packs have a variety of advantages over custom molded coolers  for shipping temperature sensitive products.  FPM box liners can be custom cut to fit any size box. Custom molded coolers require the use of expensive molds in the manufacturing process. The FPM thermal box liners can be produced in any quantity without the need for expensive tooling for molds. The flexibility to easily change sizes and wall thickness makes these box liners very cost effective. The R-value can be easily changed by altering the thickness and density of the foam.
Cylinder cradles
Cylinder cradles can be designed to handle a variety of cylindrical shaped items such as gas cylinders, rolls of fabric, or heavy and hard to handle pumps or motors. The versatility of EPS allows the packaging to be designed for a wide variety of weights and sizes.
foam spacers
Foam spacers are often used in place of wood to support very heavy and hard to handle sheets of material during shipping. The extremely rugged compressive strength of EPS allows fairly narrow spacer strips to support a tremendous amount of weight. On advantage of foam over wood it ease of handling. Truck drivers no longer have to wrestle heavy timbers. Because EPS is 100% recyclable, these spacers are much less apt to wind up as litter than the awkward wood timbers commonly used today.
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Corner protectors are a very common, and cost effective, use of EPS. Depending on the weight of the item being packaged, the density of  the EPS can be specifically tailored to meet the exact need. Thicker and higher density foam can give the shipper much more flexibility than relying solely on corrugated or wood. Those who are concerned about the increasing amount of packaging that is overloading our land fills praise the fact that EPS corner protectors are completely recyclable.
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In recent years more and more critical items like medical supplies are being shipped. EPS is the ideal material for things like test tube holders. It is easy to cut the holes exactly the right size and shape for whatever you want to ship. The thermal insulating capabilities of EPS is just another area of protection for these fragile items during shipping. The shock absorbing properties of EPS make it an ideal material for protecting glass and other fragile material.
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F*P*M  Cooler Packs / Thermal Box Liners
Don’t send another shipment until you are sure your product is protected
FPM Cooler Packs may be the perfect alternative to expensive, bulky, molded coolers. Fabricated foam coolers can give you the best protection available for the specific requirements of your product at a much lower cost than you are currently paying for molded coolers.
Here are some reasons why Cooler Packs may be more cost effective.
cool packs
Cooler Packs can be easily designed
to fit a specific size box. There is no tooling charge for small quantities of Cooler Packs like there is with molded coolers. The thickness of the foam can be easily changed to fit your application. Small quantities are not a problem with FPM Cooler Packs
Cooler Pack
You don't have to settle for something “off the shelf”.
FPM can design a Cooler Pack to meet your exact needs and save you money at the same time. Just tell us what your packaging challenges are and let us design the Cooler Pack to fit your requirements instead of what someone else tells you they already have.
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We can furnish you with foam only, or we can pack the complete Cooler Packs
into boxes for you at our facility. A variety of interlocking configurations and variations in density of foam and thickness can give you exactly the kind  of thermal and physical protection you need for the least amount of investment.

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This is the area that sets FPM apart from other EPS block molders. The design team at FPM has years of experience in packaging design. If you have a product that you need to protect in shipping just call FPM. Let us evaluate your needs, design a packaging system that meets your exact needs, and furnish you with the most cost effective packaging available in the industry today.

FPM is a leader in the protection business. If you have critical needs in the areas of thermal protection, protection from physical damage, or weight reduction needs, a call to FPM is the best move you can make.